Miracles, Personal Revelations, A Thankful Heart

In her teenage years, author Mary Visker began to feel a growing desire to serve a mission when she was old enough. It wasn’t until she was in her sixties that dream would come true. In Miracles, Personal Revelations, A Thankful Heart, she narrates her story, telling how she was called to serve three different, eighteen-month missions as a medical missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

She served fulltime in the Central Pacific area, the Caribbean area, and the Philippines. Visker describes the many situations and health concerns missionaries and natives faced and the obstacles they overcame by living the Lord’s commandments and seeking His help and healing. She discusses the miracles encountered daily, offering a message of hope to those who struggle.

Miracles, Personal Revelations, A Thankful Heart chronicles Visker’s unique experiences and shares how each mission, all different, brought her closer to the Lord. He increased her ability to see and understand the miracles that came from His hand to bless lives.